Friday, August 7, 2009

Close Encounters With Baggage of a Different Kind

I always write pretty hypothetically on here because I'm conscious of who's reading and judging, and this is not really an anonymous blog. But for the sake of this story, I'll put all metaphors aside and get down to the point.
Since I've been in Australia, there's been no love, at all. Which for the most part has been good for me. I needed time alone and to accomplish things on my own. Not to mention that a man who wants to go east when I want to so west is not going to last long. However, since I've got a long stint in Southern Cross, I thought it might be a good idea to have someone entertain me for a change. Working in the pub gets me out there and feeling rather confident. As a smiley and bubbly person, it's not hard to strike up a conversation with just about anyone that walks into the Club. I've had good luck with meeting blokes and checking out the potential in this town, which I must say it's not so bad. But this week instead of sideways glances and smiles I actually got asked out...4 times! Yeah, I'm on a roll. The problem is, I'm not really interested in the blokes who have pursued me, but because I was really happy to have someone take an interest I've just gone along with it. Last night I met up with a guy in the pub, played some pool and took a walk. The conversation was generally good, but I could tell he was light years ahead of me. And I'm at that point where I'm really ok with that. I love being naive and 23, inexperienced and still a little "stupid". I thought the night was cool and casual and it was a nice chance to have a chat, but for some reason he thought it was a date and did the ol' lean in at the end of the night. I dodged left and avoided it like the plague. Maybe not the swiftest move, but I was in no mood for a pity kiss. As I walked away rolling my eyes, I knew right away that this was not something that should be continued. Am I being too hasty, should I give it another try? Another bloke has called me three times and texted 5. I haven't responded yet. I know I'm not really into this guy and I don't feel like wasting my time on it. But should I grin and bear a few dates so that I can get back in the game, get some practice? I just don't know if I could fake it.
Moral of the story is that I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to dating.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

There's something in the air is Southern Cross that makes the air seem fresher and the sky look more blue, the people friendlier and the vibe, oh so relaxing. Not to mention the ability to make everyday seem like the weekend, especially when I'm drinking more beers than I'm slinging. Southern Cross is a small town part of the Yilgarn Shire located 400km east of Perth. Its industry is based in wheat harvesting and mining with most of it's population on a "one week on, one week off" schedule. I moved here when I found an ad on the internet looking for a barmaid for a couple months work, and since my bank account was rather sad looking, it seemed perect. But what I didn't expect when I pulled into into SX was to feel so happy and at home in a town with basically one street. I've been mixing drinks and helping people bet on horses for a week now and things are fantastic. I already know the locals and their signature drinks, made friends and have got a library card. As I sit on the veranda overlooking the town, I can't help but feel at peace and that I'll fit in just fine. I've even managed to meet a geophysicist who knows what Quantec is!