Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quarterly Update

This is the first quarterly update of the new years goals. I'm pretty happy of the progress I've made, but I've been reminded of the work still needed to be done. 9 more months to complete it all!

1. Learn to surf- good progress
I've gotten on a board and ridden a few waves. I plan on living in a coastal town to take up the sport.

2. Ski New Zealand- no progress
Hasn't happened yet, but it's still summer. ETD is August for NZ.

3. Bungee Jump ( or some other extreme sport)
- no progress
Same as above

4. Get in shape- good progress
I've joined a gym and try to eat healthier. I've gotten back some endurence and increased my cardiovascular strength.

5. Blog- mediocre prgress
Still Blogging- Just not a lot going on to blog about!

6. Keep in touch more often- poor progress
I've been doing ok but I could make much more of an effort- starting tonight!

7. Take more pictures- medicore progress
The new camera is working out well and I try to take more pictures when I can

8. Travel alone- no progress
No opportunities to do so yet

9. Shake the Someday Syndrome- good progress
Yes- well, I've been working on it, and I'm getting better. This post is proof that I'm keeping up with things I said I'd do.