Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My Ivory Tower

This year I set out with specific goals..not necessarily resolutions, but short term and long term life aspirations that I wanted to acheive. I've only been back 3 weeks from a hiatus in Barbados (there's a rhyme in there some where) and I'm right on track.
This is my career year; where I take 12 months to give it my all to develop myself as a successful woman. It's been my only focus, and things that I usually waste time worrying about have been on the back burners. I feel invigorated and powerful this week after landing a new job and have prospects for another. However, as a certain someone came up from that back burner, I found myself indulging in a thought of possibility. This is a guy I met a year ago who I feel stalkingly in lust with. We never had much going on between us, but as I scoured the internet for some updated information and where I can accidentally bump into him this weekend, I discovered that he has just moved back to Toronto. 
Goodbye career, hello misery. I can't believe how sad I instantly was. Was I hoping for an admission of utter adoration upon our this reunion I was planning? Do I think that I ever cross his mind at all anymore? Should I have tried harder and called more?
So here I am with a playlist of Adele and Damien Rice, stuck momentarily in my ivory tower, forgetting about my new found success all in the name of some dude. 
He certainly made an impression.