Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cold Climate

It's been a week and a half now that I've been back in Timmins and so far so good. I've gotten a job landscaping and am keeping busy with preparations for the trip. The only thing I didn't expect is the weather; this morning it's -3 degrees with frost. My original plan was to head to Oz early and avoid any frost at all but living in the north prior to departure proves that task impossible. I hear it's beautiful in Toronto but I wouldn't know since I avoid any television program that shoots on Queens St. W. It brings tears to the eyes.
However, it's all for the sake of the bigger I guess this would be a good time to reveal some details about that bigger picture. In 5.5 weeks I, along with a friend of mine will be flying out to Los Angeles and staying for 4 days. We're lucky enough to have a good friend of ours come out with us and show us around. From there we'll be flying to Fiji and staying there for 3 days at the Coral View Resort. Then it's off to the final destination. We fly to Brisbane. When I originally found the flight I was going to book, I had layovers in both LA and Fiji and my wonderful travel agent convinced me to stay a few days in both locations.
I have to say I'm pretty excited about both stopovers. LA is somewhere I've always wanted to go, perhaps live, but I have no idea what I want to do there...Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Hollywood of course...I need ideas. And Fiji, although a short trip, will be amazing. We're staying on one of the northern most islands, which I'm told, the father from the mainland, the better and more authentic it will be.
Here's a link to the resort I'll be staying at. far it looks good, but I'm sure it also one of those 'better if you were there' places. I'll let you know!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Am I There Yet?

It's far too late at night to be up when I have such an early morning, but I've gotten used to my bad habits when it comes to packing. As the night stretches to morning, I hope that I'll have enough sense to sleep before the sun rises. As I look around my cluttered room I can see things that I forgot to take care of. Loose ends that never got tied up. I have a little time left, but it's running out quickly, and I'll always wish there was more. I'm moving back to Porcupine this week and although I''m excited to be there with my family and friends for the next two months, it's hard to leave this city. Toronto has changed me in a way that I could have only hoped for, and opened doors that scare my mother. I've created a life here, a family, friends for life, all things that are hard to turn away from...but the itch is too strong to ignore and I can feel the fever. This is my sixth move in three years and it's not slowing down yet. My destination for tomorrow is merely the precursor to the biggest move I think I will ever do...or at least the farthest. Australia is the next pin on my map; on the way, L.A. and Fiji. I'd like you all to come, so this is the next best thing. I hope to enjoy this as much as I will!