Thursday, March 31, 2011

What do you call a guy who breaks both of his legs skiing?

Let me tell you about my best buddy Dan. Every time we hang, I know it's a guaranteed good time. Like me, he likes to drink good beer, eat good food, and have a good laugh. As the days get longer and the air gets warmer, I found myself day dreaming of all the trouble we could get into this summer; camping, patios, bbq's, wheelchairs...wait. 

Dan and I last summer
I didn't see that last one coming; I don't think Dan did either as he went over that jump on the most perfect ski day... just a little to fast. 
So here we are, making plans for summer with two broken legs. Both tibia's and fibula's and another break just below the right knee.
Colour me shocked not only when I got the phone call, but when I visited Dan at the hospital with all colour and life sucked out of him like he'd been wrapped in a ShamWow. This wasn't the same guy and I knew it was serious, really serious. It was one of those moments when you have to ask yourself 
"Is this real life? I thought my friends and I were invincible
As the week went by and I came back to the hospital everyday, I saw Dan's spirit lifting and the colour come back to his eyes. Such a recovery only meant one thing- a present!
Disclaimer: The following item is only appropriate to wear in dire situations such as the one listed above where the receiver is unable to phyically get up. If you don't have two broken legs and you own one, there is no hope for you anyways. Introducing the.....


Not just any Snuggie. I opted for the luxurious one. The original feels like it's made out of a ShamWow and I wasn't going to lose Dan again. Look at him, such a trooper. 
Here's hoping to a speed recovery, Boss. I'll visit as much as I can!