Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My Friend Florian

Last night was amazing. I finally feel like a traveler again. Loren and I quickly made friends with our German roommate named Florian. He’s been here for about 4 months now and will be staying 3 more weeks before he goes back home. His original plan was to stay 3 more months, but he finds work hard to come by and feels like he’s missing out on good opportunities while waiting for work. His band has been signed back in Germany to a label so he needs to go home anyway. I understand where Florian is coming from in the aspect of work, and his stories have given me some insight for what to do and what to avoid.

Some of you may or may not know, I was very interested in fruit picking here at some point, thinking I’d get the chance to work outside and save heaps of money, but it doesn’t seem that way since I’ve been talking to other backpackers. I guess the conditions aren’t that great, you don’t get paid well, or in some cases not at all, and if you need accommodation or transport, all the money you make ends up in that. So, I’ve definitely been rethinking that as something to do.

To tell you the truth, after the next 2 weeks, I have no idea where I’m living or what I’m doing. I have about a million ideas, but I’m trying to find the one that feels exactly right.

Last week I was in Brisbane for the Sunset Sounds music festival and from that I was 110% sure I was moving to Brisbane, so much so that I’ve spent all my time researching and applying for places to live and work. But now that I’m in beautiful Noosa on the coast, I wonder if this is somewhere I’d like to live instead. Or should I go all the way south and settle in Sydney, which is such a great hub for traveling from and meeting fellow backpackers. It’s been such a struggle to make a decision. One thing for sure is I must work pretty soon, I’ll run out of money before I can get too far.

I’ve also just been reminded that I am carrying all of my possessions in 3 large bags, which means it’s not that easy to travel with. I’d love to just get rid of all my clothes, but I’m my mother’s daughter and I don’t get rid of anything.

Anyways, things are great, I will post more when I don't have to pay for internet!

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Goals

I know what you're thinking, new years resolution post...like she's going to stick with that. I am skeptical too. However, I drew such inspiration from a fellow blogger about making goals that I have to do it myself too. I figure that if I write it down here then in one year, I won't be trying to remember what I said my resolution was.
This year given my circumstances, my goals are not as they usually would be, and although I already have a million goals set out for this trip, a girl could always use a few more.

1. Learn to surf
I'm taking a trip at the end of the month to the Sunshine Coast to get my first surfing lesson. It's a start and I want to continue with it for the rest of the year until I can say "Yes, I can surf.

2. Ski New Zealand
This is one of my ultimate goals of the trip, but I feel like it needs to be here because it is a big obstacle. I am planning to be in NZ in July/August, am saving money at the moment to do this.

3. Bungee Jump ( or some other extreme sport)
Queenstown NZ is known for extreme sports and I have be dying to do take the leap.

4. Get in shape
Obviously this has to be in here. I've been out of shape for a year and a half now and time isn't slowing down. Plus, if I'm going to be doing all these sports, I need some endurance for it.

5. Blog
I already do this, and I love it so much, but I need to do it more often because I never say as much as I want.

6. Keep in touch more often
I rely too much on Facebook and this blog assuming everyone reads it, but forget everyone who doesn't read this. So more letter writing and personal e-mails. At least once a month to the oversea'ers.

7. Take more pictures
I used to be a picture fanatic but now I never take pictures. Hopefully my new camera will help. I need to documet this year!

8. Travel alone
I know mom and dad won't like this too much, but I need to do it for myself. I need to depend on me and only me.

9. Shake the Someday Syndrome
I'm getting better at this due to a saying someone told me; Proper Preperation Prevents Poor Performance. It's drilled in my head and it seems to work. So no being lazy this year, and use everyday to be productive!

10. TBA
This has to be a good one, needs more thought.

I'll follow up with quarterly updates, can someone remind me if I forget! I hope you all have make a goal for yourself this year. I wish you all the best for a safe and happy year in 2009!

New Camera!!

Today I bit the bullet and splurged on something I have been waiting and wanting for so long...I'll just call it a Christmas present to myself. May I introduce the Olympus 1050SW Waterproof camera!! It's everything I could want. I got it on sale (thank you boxing day sales) and in the most exquisite colour...champagne! I had to order it to get it in that colour, but at no extra cost except seven long days. It was love at first sight and I can't wait to get my hands on it and drop it in the Pacific! Stay tuned for underwater shots!!!