Sunday, January 9, 2011

Get Local

As I watch Food Inc on CBC for the second time, I only get more encouraged to fight back against the big food corporations and support our local farmers. If you have not seen this documentary, I advise you to invest some time in it.
Not only does buying local drive the economy and keep small farms in business, it lightens our ecological footprint. When your orange comes from Florida, your avacado from California, and your banana from Mexico, the carbon emissions expelled into the atmosphere are enough to make you need that umbrella in January rather than your skis. 
My amazing roomate Kaleen is currently defending her thesis on global warming's effect on local farmers, teaching me along the way some valuable lessons on eating local. Trips to the farmer's markets were easy in the summer, but most markets shut down for the winter months. Luckily, a tip to a great website and others have given less excuses to outsource, and more reasons to think local.
We even buy local in Barbados

Now BC
Now BC is an online farmer's market that allows customers to place an order of local, organic, fair trade products and pick up at a neighborhood location.

Get Local is an informational website about buying local. Where to get it, how to get it, and what is offered.

Think being local is for the hemp wearing, seed eating hippies? This site offers fun, popular, and up to date information on the happenings around Vancouver for the average Jane. It's not about drastic changes, it's about doing something simple to lend a hand!
Free range eggs that were sold locally in WA Australia
 hand collected, cleaned, and boxed by me
Whether it's eating a delicious Pink Lady Apple, sipping a Granville Island ale, or riding your bike around the park, it all counts and it all helps.