Saturday, February 14, 2009

A World Apart

I always love a good story about new travels, especially from a great writer. This is an e-mail I received from my brother who's out in B.C. on a ski trip at the moment.

"I have arrived alive and well with no kinks along the way (despite my paranoia). We arrived and waiting for us as we got to baggage claim was Adam and Stephen and after a quick hello and pick-up of the bags we rushed to the car to avoid paying for parking. We packed all of out crap into the car (quite tightly mind you) and along with a duct tape hood, rear end, and back door that cant open I strattled my skies around Calgary and to our destination (wearing my seat belt of course). On our way we got a great view of the mountains and I was able to manifest my camera out of its bag and get few shots. About 20km away from Invermere we stopped off at the Radium hot springs and took a dip. It was awesome. We pulled into Invermere around noon and came to a very..."lived in" house. So about an hour later we finished cleaning the pube tumble-weeds and headed out for beer and hamburgs. That night we headed to Mount Panorama where we had three hotel rooms with a bunch of people that the guys work with (Every Monday the guys and fellow workers get a deal on rooms and rent them out to party in, then go to the bar where a live band plays. That is where we went after having some drinks). To summarize the night, I got bombed (I blame the altitude for that). Needless to say, after knocking over a glass and smashing it, coupled with attempting to dance and fending off more drinks, we headed in for the night. Had a great sleep and woke up at around 8:00am (Due to someones drunkenness who left the window open) and ate some breakfast then hit the hill. I died 3 times...more like 100. Long story short I ate shit all the way down a double black diamond due to my skies being "set for a 3 year old" says the ski tech. But after the traumatic experience that is the DBD me and Adam stopped off at a little cabin on the hill and had some hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps on the deck and basked in the sun with the BEST scenery I have ever seen. Now I am back at the pad yearning for a shower, so I will message yall again with some pics to go along with it, Love you all."

Alex, you need to start blogging, I love you too!

Single in the City

8:30pm, T.V. on, cell phone quiet- pathetic for a Saturday night, and a Valentine’s Saturday night at that. Feeling very dismal I put some decent clothes on and set out on a mission for my lover, moiseur chocolat (he’s French) But as I get going, I’m enjoying the cool feeling of soft rain on my skin and exploring my new neighborhood. As I walk to the main restaurant strip, I’m greeted by a hundred bouquets of red balloons littering the street. The restaurants are packed and there are couples everywhere…but I find myself not bothered and just keep walking. I realize that I haven’t really dated anyone or been in a real relationship for over 2 years. Being out of school and not in any sports or groups, it’s really hard to meet people of the opposite sex. I have no trouble meeting backpackers, and cute ones at that, but they’re just as temporary as I am.

Eventually I do end up at the grocery store and have found what I think are my fellow singletons; cute guys everywhere...with their girlfriends. There’s just no winning! I still buy the chocolate but the walk has made me feel so much better, I don’t need to eat my feelings, but it would be good just to have it on hand!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The dream lives on…

After the roadtrip around the country in a Wicked van fell through, I’ve been planning trips on my own, whether it be by plane, or bus or boat, but I’ve never given up on a Wicked Van. I really want to drive the open road, and camp in a van (down by the river), just live like a hippie. Well, the dream flickered a couple days ago, and now it is alive and possible. Instead of taking the job at the coffee shop I last wrote about, I was offered a job with Wicked, and of course, I had to take it! Today was my first day and what an inspiration it is to see backpackers travelling this grand country! I’ve even met more Canadians, one from Sault St. Marie! It’s amazing who you’ll run into over here. I’m really excited to be working for Wicked, and I know it’ll open up some great opportunities for me down the road…literally!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Again, it's been awhile, and a lot has been happening. After my week of becoming a pro surfer, I became wise in the way of Australian camping on Stradbroke island; a beautiful island off the coast of Brisbane. A heap of us went over to celebrate Australia day-for five days! Now I must make a confession, I've never really camped before. With the luxury of Lakair lodge and the island, there's just been no opportunity to pitch a tent and rough it. But that's exactly what we did, and it was awesome! A prime camping location right next to the beach was the perfect set up for cricket games, kite flying, beach walks, and surfing. Not to mention the barbecues, star gazing, and yes, copious amount of beer! After what felt like 3 weeks of vacation, we had to leave the island and head back to reality. While everyone else retired to their homes and jobs, I was venturing into a new home and preparing for a job hunt. I've left Rockhampton for good now, and have decided to settle in Brisbane for a couple months. My good friend Dan was kind enough to offer a room to me for a few weeks whilst his flatmate is overseas. It's been great living here and after the first day I even had a job interview. Now that was 4 days ago, and as things usually go with me, it's all been changed again! I've found a more permanent place to live in a suburb called...MILTON! I know, how great is that! And after trialling the job from hell and quitting, I found another job at a popular coffee shop right by my new house. Someone upstairs is working for my benefit!
So to recap, good travels, good friends-new and old, new job, and new place to live! I won't have accessible internet at my new abode, so not a lot of new posts, but I'm going to try my best!