Monday, November 26, 2012

I Got a Job

Don't let the title scare you...I am still technically unemployed! 
But in my efforts to focus on developing my freelance design career, I have landed a new contract! Over the past few weeks, it's been quite daunting to look over the qualifications a company is requiring of you and realizing you might not posses those skills. I fully believe in myself, my skills, and my knowledge, but convincing someone to believe that too is really hard. 
Getting these freelance gigs have helped my to regain my confidence in my work, and prove to myself that I am worthy of great might just take some time.
This new contract I am working on is a logo and website for a freelance bookkeeper. She wants to gain more clients and putting herself on the internet is a great step in that direction. She's very professional and wants to PAY me! Most big companies can't even shell out minimum wage until you can suffer through a 3 month internship, but this woman is putting her faith in me to help her succeed. The job is mutually beneficial, and by helping her, I will be helping myself...and afford another month's rent.

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