Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm gonna be somebody

I've recently begun working on some websites for a few friends of mine as a way to help them, help me! Although I do these for free or creative trades, it's a good opportunity to learn and build my portfolio until someone thinks I'm good enough to pay me. So, check 'em out!

The Long Road Home Movie Website

Kuhno Music Website

Design Notes* The platform I'm using is called Moonfruit. This site has many templates that are fully customizable or options to create your own. The beauty is that you can be a total beginner or you can have knowledge of coding and be able to manipulate you site as much as you want. They also offer hosting and domain names.
I've been designing from an initial template, and then modifying to suit my design. I always think it's a better idea however to conceptualize on your site before you begin. Choose fonts, colours and a general layout so you don't spend too much time poking around at the me, you'll be there for a long time!

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